Elizabeth “Bibba” Dobyns

Implementation Specialist

My name is Elizabeth Dobyns, but everyone calls me Bibba. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Murray State University and a Master’s of Science in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I worked at the Guilford Center (now part of the Sandhills Center) for 18 years in Children and Family Services, serving in a variety of roles related to case management and program development. In my last five years at Guilford Center, I was the local Project Manager for one of North Carolina’s SAMHSA System of Care (SOC) grant. When the SOC grant ended in 2003, I became an independent contractor providing training, curriculum development, and technical assistance. Much of my independent work was on behalf of UNCG’s Center for Youth, Family and Community Partnerships through a variety of projects funded by the Division of Mental Health, Development Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services. The primary focus of training included Systems of Care, Wraparound/Child and Family Team Planning, Enhancing Facilitation Skills, Strengths Based Supervision, and Trainer Skills. I have been employed with the Center for five years. For three of those years, I served as the Training Manager and Technical Assistant for the Juvenile Justice-Behavioral Health Partnership. The past two years, I have served as an Implementation Specialist (IS) for the North Carolina High Fidelity Wraparound Training Program. In my IS role, I provide training, coaching, and monitoring that is based on the High Fidelity Wraparound (HFW) national standards and requirements. I work with local HFW Teams who are seeking to become credentialed in their roles as a Coach, Facilitator, Youth Support Partner, or Family Support Partner. The variety of experiences throughout my career influenced the lens through which I see my work. It has afforded me the opportunity to customize my work so that it supports youth and families through a strength based, family-driven approach.