NC High Fidelity Wraparound Training Program

The NC High Fidelity Wraparound Training Program (NC HFWTP) supports statewide expansion of high fidelity wraparound and the growth of HFW teams across the state. The program assures a high-quality training, credentialing and monitoring system is in place and that fidelity to the model is consistently implemented at the local level. The NC HFWTP Model is grounded in the national standards and requirements set forth by the National Wraparound Institute (NWI).

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TBD, UNCG Principal Investigator
Tara Ward, Program Manager
Rodney Absher, Implementation Specialist
Jessica Attucks, Implementation Specialist
Paul Bright, Implementation Specialist
Sabrina Shivar, Implementation Specialist
Rachel Landau, Implementation Specialist
Deborah Moore, Lead Implementation Specialist
Sonya Jenkins Taylor, Implementation Specialist
Erica Velez, Assistant Program Manager
Jeremy Bray, Health Economist
Carter Landwehrmann, Data Systems Analyst