Guilford County Recovery Courts

Recovery Courts are court-supervised intensive treatment programs for adult and juvenile offenders
who have been identified as having a substantial, long-term substance abuse problem and/or have been
diagnosed with a severe mental illness. These courts are known as Recovery Courts because they
provide a link between offenders involved in the criminal justice system with community resources that
address anything from substance abuse and mental health concerns to housing or any other basic need.
The programs are designed to give each participant every chance to join the community as a productive
and responsible person. The Judge and the other team members are in place to assist and guide each
participant, but the final responsibility and choice to make a change falls with each individual

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Kia Hines – Greensboro Drug Treatment Court Case Coordinator
Tracy Garner – Interim Court Administrator
Chris Bynum – High Point Drug Treatment Court Case Coordinator
Tasha Abrams – High Point Mental Health Court Case Coordinator
Nathan Joyce – Greensboro Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Case Coordinator
VACANT – Greensboro Mental Health Court Case Coordinator

Description of Specific Activities

Adult Drug Treatment Court provides an alternative to incarceration that focuses on treatment and rehabilitative services to sever the bond of addiction while holding the adult offender accountable for their actions.

Adult Mental Health Court is mirrored off the Adult Drug Treatment Court model, and it provides a collaborative approach that offers specific services and treatment to adult offenders dealing with mental illness.

Juvenile Drug Treatment Court is a treatment-oriented approach designed for juveniles (youth) with substance use disorders that come into contact with the juvenile justice system, while focusing on family engagement and substance use treatment.