Teka Dempson

Program Manager, NC Youth & Family Voices Amplified

I am a lifelong learner and a resident of Durham, NC who graduated from Shaw University, Duke University (A one-time pilot), and Durham Technical Community College. My career has been new initiatives within medical facilities, group homes, county and state government, educational systems, and early childhood and higher education settings. Part of my journey was learning to embrace my Lived Experience with every system as a mother, caregiver, and Kinship Provider. I also gained an appreciation for how to share my voice for the needs, support, guidance, and resources required for my family to be successful. The journey was not easy. Making the choice to learn and understand systems, policies and procedures led to over forty-plus years of living, learning, building relationships/partners, and cultivating my skills and passion to support children, youth, and families locally, statewide, and nationally.